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🔐 Secure Cookie Authentication (React + Strapi Headless CMS live coding)

During this live session, I will build a simple React application that authenticates users via the Strapi backend. JWT token will be securely stored at httpOnly cookie. Strapi is an open-source JavaScript headless CMS. 00:00:00 - Intro 00:03:10 - Start of live coding session 00:09:00 - Customize Strapi to set and read cookies 00:30:00 - React form for calling the authentication 00:48:00 - Store user in Context API 01:03:00 - Persist session on UI 01:08:00 - Logout functionality 01:17:00 - Private routes for logged-in users only React app code: https://github.com/Chmarusso/react-strapi-shop/commit/a7c09e4a21eef4b910248f0158f8636077eaab94 Article about Strapi customization for cookies auth: https://talke.dev/strapi-user-permissions-jwt-cookies Strapi is an open-source JavaScript headless CMS: https://strapi.io/ #React #Strapi #headless