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Getting started with Web3 & Crypto on Buildspace

web3 & crypto are exciting emerging technologies which attracted much attention over the past two years. A great starting point to get hands-on experience with web3 is buildspace, a platform on which you can learn by building with 10+ free, practice-focused courses. Buildspace has content about Ethereum, Solidity, NFTs, DAOs, Solana, Rust, React. Moreover, there is a vast and active community on Discord that you can join and learn with people from around the world. In this video I present Buildspace, share my plans to do a miniseries with an NFT course walk-through and express my attitude towards harsh criticism of web3 and crypto. https://buildspace.so 0:00 What is Buildspace? 0:40 Learning web3 in public 2:17 My attitude towards crypto criticism 5:54 Exploring Buildspace 9:37 Summary 🔥 Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter 🔥 https://przeprogramowani.pl/newsletter ✅ Subscribe our channel - http://bit.ly/przeprogramowani-sub 📷 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/przeprogramowani/ ✍🏻 Follow Marcin - https://twitter.com/mkczarkowski ✍🏻 Follow Przemek - https://twitter.com/psmyrdek ⚡️Opanuj JavaScript ⚡️ https://przeprogramowani.pl/kurs ⬇️ We're also on Facebook ⬇️ https://www.facebook.com/przeprogramowani Let's get to know each other - https://forms.gle/wSbq3QXq19L3opQx8